I'm a lifelong creative with a decade of experience leading teams to solve design challenges of consequence. I feel driven to build things that help people take charge of their lives and work. I've lived extensively in Sub-Saharan Africa, and I've had the joy of working with teams all over the world that are as ambitious as they are imaginative.

It's been a privilege working with so many bold teams

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Here are some career highlights I'm proud of

  • I led the design of Andela's talent platform, which helped 100,000+ African devs launch tech careers. I met Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Case, and Kent Beck when they visited our offices in Nigeria.
  • I served as executive coach to the famed 2-time unicorn founder Iyinoluwa "E" Aboyeji and his leadership team at Future Africa.
  • I helped build the Startwise platform from day 1 to go-to-market product and launch a partnership with the Prime Minister of Barbados that could benefit the island's GDP by as much as 2.5%.
  • I led community outreach and college prep at Foundation Academies in Trenton, NJ, where we helped 100% of our high school graduates get into college in a city with a 52% dropout rate.

Curious to know a little more?

I like climbing rocks, making music, traveling to new cities, and chilling with my little niece and nephew. I've got two black belts, but people tell me I've got golden retriever energy.

I make games, I wrote a sci-fi novel, and I have an idea for how we could start a town. Did you know there are whole towns for sale? These projects are my babies, and while they're sometimes on the shelf for months, I love them all.

How about you? What are you fascinated with these days?