Hi, I'm Michael. My work is about leading teams to solve human-friendly design challenges.

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A decade of design leadership

My career hit an inflection point in 2015 when I moved to Nigeria. There I got to play a lead role building Andela's talent platform, which has trained 100,000+ software engineers in Africa.

I have now served in design leadership roles at over a dozen companies worldwide, helping teams scale through $250 million in funding. I believe that by teaming up to design human-friendly technology, we have a shot at realizing a bright future.

Leading Teams

Experienced team leader and executive coach to unicorn-founding CEOs.
Product Design

Obsessive about user flows, wireframes, design systems, and shipping solid products.
User Experience

Led UX research and design for FinTech, EdTech, SaaS, and generative AI products.
Artificial Intelligence

I've been collaborating with engineers to prototype AI products since 2016.

"Michael is one of the best in the world at designing experiences that enable people to thrive."

A headshot of entrepreneur and investor Iyinoluwa Aboyeji
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Iyinoluwa "E" Aboyeji

Founding Partner | 2-time unicorn Founder @ Andela, Flutterwave

"Michael is hands-down one of the best facilitators I know. His design sessions are alive with joy and insight."

Headshot of entrepreneur Christina Sass

Christina Sass

Founding Partner | Founding COO @ Andela | Advisor to the Clintons

"I’ve never met anyone who gets teams to a place of harmony like Michael does."

Adam Lupu

CEO & Head of Product | Former Exec at Udacity & Udemy

"Michael has shown our team a whole new standard for design and elevated our team culture."

David Adefeso

CEO & Head of Product | CEO @ The Pacific Group

"The programs we built together enabled me to build the skills that accelerated my career in AI."

Oluwatoyin Yetunde Sanni

Machine Learning Engineer

"Your perspectives on UX have helped me take my design career to a whole new level."

Riya Jain

Product Designer

Case Studies

I'm so grateful for the teams that have trusted my design leadership. Here are six of them.

Let's make our future human friendly

Michael Rosenberg
Design Leader

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