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The VC platform for founders solving Africa's biggest challenges

A laptop displaying a zoom call with a team screensharing charts and maps showing investment impact in Africa

"It takes a village to raise a unicorn."

2021: African prosperity depends on bold founders

In 2021, famed entrepreneur Iyinoluwa "E" Aboyeji asked me to help him build the Future Africa VC platform. Having founded two of Africa's most successful startups, E had a conviction that the future of African prosperity hinges on the ability of bold founders to solve Africa's biggest challenges by building gobal businesses.

2022: We designed a 400+ member VC Collective

It turns out there's a rich community of founders and investors who are eager to help Africa win. I teamed up with Future Africa's head of community to design a platform that resources founders with the connections and guidance they need to build successful businesses that solve Africa's biggest challenges.

2023: We strengthened the team through market chaos

Future Africa went through major growing pains as it evolved from a blog to a world-class VC firm. I designed the company values, led a team strategy and culture retreat in Ghana, and coached the executive team through major changes to the org chart, team and founder exits, a public scandal, and the SVB crisis.

A laptop showing a display of zoom call with a team looking at a screenshare of a word document showing team values

2023+: New fund, new possibilities

With a thoughtfully designed VC Collective and a refocused team, Future Africa achieved 35% year-over-year portfolio growth and launched Fund 3. An ambitious new chapter, Fund 3 endeavors to evolve the firm into a venture build studio with an investment thesis that aims to 10X Africa's contribution to global GDB.

A laptop showing a visual hinting at Future Africa's investment philosophy
"Michael is one of the best in the world at designing experiences that enable people to thrive. And he always helps me put into words exactly what the team needs to focus on to get to our next big milestone."

Iyinoluwa "E" Aboyeji, Founding Partner @ Future Africa | 2 time unicorn Founder

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